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Audiobooks, Poscast Editing, Sound Design.
Also for jingles, ringtones and everything else you can hear – customised for your ear and taking in account your budget.

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Audio Books

Audible, Storytel, Nextory are some examples of their increasing popularity. Book a session with me and we will make your book come alive! Professionally mastered, with or without music – just as you envision it!


You have or plan to broadcast a regular podcast to connect with your customers or fans? Just focus on the content we will do the editing for you and your podcast sounds as professional as you are!

Sound Design

You have a crazy idea involving sound? Tell us! A ringtone for all your employees, a jingle for your website, need a voice-over or background tune for your instruction video ? We create for you!


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Audio Books

With the hectic lifestyle of today audiobooks are becoming more popular due to their accessibility and convenience.

Audible, Storytel, Nextory, and even Spotify are all examples of this phenomenon. You would have the potential to reach a new audience or use segments of the book for your podcasts! Unachievable? No. 

Make your book come alive in the comfort of a home studio, with a soothing cup of tea (or coffee) and three high-end professional microphones to choose from! Professionally mixed and mastered, in the proper format including metadata, with or without background music or ambient sounds, just as you envision it. Reserve a spot for an intake session, we will do a trial and take it from there.

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Podcasting is becoming a more widespread and important tool for entrepreneurs in their marketing strategy…

…to conquer new clients and establish a connection with their already existing customer base.
It is natural that while you have a great expertise in your field of work you do not have the time to become a specialist in audio processing as well. We will do this for you!
Send us your original podcast recording and we will make it sound as professional as you are!
With or without background music and the possibility to have us create a theme tune for you we maintain a very transparent pricing and offer a special discount for free-lancers and small businesses.

Sound DEsign

Bespoke ringtone? Custom playlist? Recognisable Sound for your brand or product?

Looking for custom music for your advert? Voiceover? Nature Sounds in your elevator? Tell us your crazy ideas and we will make them a reality! We love a challange and are happy to brainstorm with you or your marketing team to create the effect you desire.