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Whether you want your latest recording mastered for Streaming, CD or Vinyl or your Podcast sounding as professional as your business, we are here.

A small, dedicated, professional production studio with transparent pricing.
We also create sounds, jingles, ringtones and all else you can hear – customised for your ear and taking in account your budget.

Let us know how we can help!

Music Production

COVID has changed a lot – definetly in music. Lockdowns have closed venues, festivals and recording studios. More and more artist are recording at home. Mixing on their laptops. We are the next level you need for your release. 


You have or plan to broadcast a regular podcast to connect with your customers or fans? Just focus on the content we will do the editing for you and your podcast sounds as professional as you are!

Sound Design

You have a crazy idea involving sound? Tell us! A ringtone for all your employees, a jingle for your website, need a voice-over or background tune for your instruction video ? We create for you!


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Music Production

We are a small, professional  studio perfectly suited to mix and master your tracks.

You are an artist or a band? We MASTER your song for distribution, MIX or you can hire us as a PRODUCER for an independent view or a second opinion. If you want to improve your mixing process you can always reach out to us for on-the-job tutoring. We will work together on your mix online.

For us to get the best out of your song we will ask for the following


– Stem cells
– A reference track (genre)
– A previously released track

– Final Mix
– A reference track (genre)
– A previously released track
– What medium you want the release to be for (CD/Vinyl/Streaming etc.)
– Metadata

Hire us an independent PRODUCER . We help with :
– a second opinion
– an independent ear to lift your track to the next level
– artistic differences


Podcasting is becoming a more widespread and important tool for entrepreneurs in their marketing strategy…

…to conquer new clients and establish a connection with their already existing customer base.
It is natural that while you have a great expertise in your field of work you do not have the time to become a specialist in audio processing as well. We will do this for you!
Send us your original podcast recording and we will make it sound as professional as you are!
With or without background music and the possibility to have us create a theme tune for you we maintain a very transparent pricing and offer a special discount for free-lancers and small businesses.

Sound DEsign

Bespoke ringtone? Custom playlist? Recognisable Sound for your brand or product?

LCustom music for your advert? Voiceover? Nature Sounds in your elevator? Tell us your crazy ideas and we will make them a reality! We love a challange and are happy to brainstorm with you or your marketing team to create the effect you desire.